Stardust Necklace

Stardust Necklace

Luna Necklace Set

Halo Planet Huggies

Starlet Mirror Link Hoop

Gold Starlet Mirror Choker - 16"

Silver Starlet Mirror Necklace - 20"

Orion Necklace

our mission is to encourage you to feel beautiful and confident by expressing your true self.

“I’ve always been obsessed with jewelry. I love how it can completely transform any look or outfit. I feel most confident in myself when I dress how I feel, and that always starts with jewelry. I started &always to help y’all feel this same confidence I’ve recently found in myself."


People Are talking

"Loren Gray’s debut jewelry collection is all about accessible glamour"

"The jewelry embodies self confidence and self expression. And there is much more to come."

"Loren Gray just launched her own line of jewelry and we are *obsessed* with pretty much every piece."

"The pieces are designed with good quality materials, but priced affordably, and the brand’s packaging is 100 percent recyclable or reusable"